Gail A. Shade, M.A. LLC
WV Licensed Professional Counselor
WV Licensed Social Worker

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One of my areas of expertise is dealing with children of divorce. I provide therapy to children whose parents are going though the divorce process.


In addition to the divorce work that I do with children, I also assist parents in making certain that their children are protected from the trauma that is often associated with divorce. Parents often get lost in their own issues and the children get caught in the middle of their parent’s conflict. This can cause a significant amount of emotional distress to a child. I assist parents in understanding the developmental needs of their children at any given age. Parents are often unsure of how to handle their child’s questions and even fears about how their lives will be affected by the separation and divorce. It is not so much the separation or divorce that hurts children, but how the parents handle the divorce and the parenting that goes on after the divorce. Co-Parenting after the divorce is critical, and I try to help families with this challenge. 


My overall goal is to help make sure that the children are given the opportunity to have healthy relationships with both of their parents so that they become healthy, well- adjusted adults.